Condenser coils

condenser coils: in a refrigerator or air conditioner, the tubes that carry refrigerant, which must be kept clean to work properly. On most refrigerators, condenser coils are accessible by removing the kick plate on the bottom. “No-clean” models have coils mounted on...


caulk: filling or sealing compound used to make a home or building material more airtight or watertight.


Commissioning A quality assurance process intended to confirm that all systems of a building—heat, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, safety, security—are operating as intended by the building owner and designed by the architect and engineer.

Coheat Test

Coheat Test A test that measures the distribution of heating and cooling systems throughout a building. Measures the overall heat loss factor. The home is alternately heated with the furnace and an array of small heaters (co-heaters) to calculate heat-delivery...

Climate Change

Climate Change Also called climate destabilization or greenhouse effect, this term represents the adverse effects of greenhouse gasses on long term weather patterns.