Green pricing is an option offered by electric utilities that allows customers to support a greater level of investment in renewable energy technologies. Participating customers pay a premium on their electric bill to cover the extra cost of the renewable energy.
The Georgia Legislature addressed environmentally sound energy solutions in the passage of Senate Bill 93 in 2001.
In early 2001, the Commission addressed Green Pricing in Docket No. 13305-U: Georgia Power Company’s Application for Approval of an Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) filed pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 46-3A-1 et seq. In its Final Order the Commission directed Georgia Power to file a proposed Green Energy Program that would allow green energy to be purchased by its customers at an established price but would not impact bills of customers who chose not to participate.In 2003, the Commission approved a Green Energy program for Georgia Power Company in Docket No. 16573.

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