There can be a lot to learn about your new home from the foundation to the water heater, and you want to be sure that everything is functioning properly before your one-year warranty expires. That’s why it’s always a smart decision to get a builder’s warranty inspection!

What’s a builder’s warranty and what does it do?
After your home is finished, your builder will likely offer you a one-year warranty. This warranty is intended to cover any needed repairs up to one year after you’ve moved in. You protect yourself from any damage to your home, and it helps keep the builder accountable for their work.

Aren’t I covered with just a municipal inspection?
Your new home was likely assessed by municipal inspectors from the city or county to ensure it was safe to live in beforehand. However, you shouldn’t just rely on these types of inspections to give you all the answers. Typically, municipal inspectors will conduct a walk-through style inspection that isn’t as in-depth as a standard home inspection. This means that it’s easier to miss items in an attic or crawlspace that are hidden from plain sight. Plus, another 11 months will have gone by at the time of your builder’s warranty inspection, and new repairs could be needed.

But the house is brand-new, shouldn’t it be fine?
So much goes into constructing a home, it’s practically impossible for it to be 100 percent perfect. Lots of different contractors are involved in the project, with builders, plumbers, and electricians coming and going at different stages. Not to mention that your home has thousands of components that all come together. You may even notice a defect yourself, but think that it’s small enough to not be a concern. It takes a trained eye to know what needs immediate attention.

Is a warranty inspection any different?
A builder’s warranty inspection is just the same as a regular home inspection. That means you’ll be getting a top to bottom examination of your home, and you can rest easy knowing that you’re protected with a comprehensive inspection.