The Castlewood Estates neighborhood was built primarily in the early 1950’s during a post war economic boom time for Atlanta and includes the following streets: Castlewood, Dover, Edinboro, Mornington, Rhodenhaven and Rockingham. The roads that surround this neighborhood have long been a part of Atlanta and create the boundaries for our neighborhood. They are: Arden, Howell Mill, Moores Mill, Northside Parkway and West Wesley Roads. Subsequent development in the neighborhood created the two cul-de-sac streets of Arden Close and West Arden. Fifty years before there was a Civic Association, there was the Castlewood Garden Club. Since its inception in October, 1954, this active group of neighborhood women looked after common areas in the neighborhood, established the security patrol and created important neighborhood traditions that helped make Castlewood unique. By 2003, the scope of neighborhood responsibilities had grown beyond the bounds of the Garden Club. In order to meet the growing needs of the neighborhood, the Castlewood Civic Association was formed.

The Castlewood Civic Association was incorporated on September 8, 2003 and was recognized as a neighborhood association by the City of Atlanta and Neighborhood Planning Unit “C” in January of 2004. The initial purpose was to create an association of neighbors in the Castlewood area, to provide a forum for social event planning, neighborhood improvement, security patrol and city planning input. Currently, the Castlewood Civic Association is over 125 family members strong, with membership open to all “Castlewood neighbors”, defined as residents of the following streets: Arden (between Northside Drive and West Wesley), Arden Close, Castlewood, Dover, Edinboro, Mornington, Rhodenhaven, Rockingham and West Arden.

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