PRUNING Trimming unwanted or unhealthy parts of a plant, usually vines or fruit trees, to strengthen the parts that remain.


PRECYCLE Consciousness about what you buy and use and choosing products based on less waste reduction.

Pressure Meter

Pressure Meter A device for gauging the difference in air pressure between two spaces such as a garage and a crawl space.

Programmable Thermostat

Programmable Thermostat A thermostat that allows homeowners to set the temperature at different levels at different times of day. For example, in winter, it could be set to be colder while occupants sleep and warmer as occupants awaken. See Electric...
Passive Solar

Passive Solar

Passive Solar A type of design which takes maximum advantage of the sun’s energy to help warm the home in winter and helps to redirect or block that energy to reduce cooling needs in the summer.